Neatcleats Align

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We know you are perfectly happy with the original versions but maybe you didn't know how useful these ones are. Neatcleats Align position clipless cycling cleats to your shoes with considerable accuracy. Did you know that incorrect cycling shoe alignment can cause injury or reduce power? Now there is something you can do about cleat alignment. Neatcleats Align versions are perfect for traveling to events when bag space is at a premium. They also air and dry out your shoes faster. Consider how handy that can be after those epic rides out meeting your cycling goals. We have made sure they are available for all the major cleat manufacturers. These include Shimano, Look amd Speedplay.


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Neatcleats makes shoe hangers to better carry your cycling and other shoes and with ease. It also serves as an alignment tool to make sure your cleats are positionned exactly where you want them.