Montreal, Canada



Sometimes a group arrives and transcends our sport. Les Limettes is not only Montreal's most visible community, but it's most progressive. Female riders of all abilities who come together to share cycling and raise awareness of an important cause.

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''Wearing the Les Limettes colour shows your desire to change things, help women living with violence and raise awareness about the cause. It's your chance to be part of an inclusive community of cycling-loving women with whom you'll challenge yourself, have fun, and make lots of lemonade!''

Sales from this Les Limettes Collection go to help important causes, such as INTER-VAL 117 and PRO-GAM.


More than apparel. is a true community leader. Founded by four cycling friends in 2018, Le Braquet aims to bring colour and diversity to every ride and occasion. An extensive range of apparel and accessories much loved by riders across the region!

complements to the cause!

A special curation chosen by the Les Limettes leadership team.

“There is nothing more beautiful than seeing cycling improve our society. Les Limettes have led the way on important issues, and we’re so proud to support. In doing so we aim to make it a mission of Le Club.”

Laurent - Le Club Founder

Faces of Les Limettes!


''What I prefer above all is the social side of the bike... and the exquisite coffee that follows, of course.''


''I would say that I have a little artistic side which likes photography, singing and dancing. And no, not at the same time as pedaling, because when I'm pedaling, I'm very focused!''


''I fell in love with cycling since it is a sport that allows me to discover landscapes and go on an adventure.''


''I look at the brighter side of life and often say YES to unusual plans. This is what prompted me to take a one-way flight to Canada six years ago, not knowing what to expect.''


2022 season events

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