Olmsted - 1kg Coffee Bag

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Olmsted offers a cup of coziness with notes of nuts, red fruit and caramel. It is the perfect bean for all of your espresso needs. This is the first bean, proudly offered by Le Club, that is imported, roasted and transformed (from A to Z) by our team! 

Named in honour of the famous landscape architect who designed the Mont-Royal Parc in Montréal, the Olmsted is a single-origin coffee from Guatemala from the Japala region.

Juan Rodriguez, the producer of this coffee bean, is part of the CAFE COLIS RESISTENCIA. This group, created by Alex Reynoso, was founded to identify producers of the Xinca indigenous community who are interested in selling their green coffee beans internationally to receive a revenu at the height of their hard labor. Since the last two years, our partners at Semilla have been doing business with Juan’s assuring them a regular buyer, knowledge and investment to develop the infrastructures of the farm and their agricultural techniques. Making everyone a winner along the way.

Variety: Pache San Ramon
Farm: San Antonio
Farm size: 3.5 hectares
Location: San Miguel, Mataquescuintla, Jalapa
Altitude: 1750m

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