Gilles - 1kg Coffee Bag

Gilles - 1kg Coffee Bag

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 Gilles is perfect for Pour overs, V60, Aeropress and filter coffees.

Named Gilles after the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal - the home to our home Grand Prix and cycling mecca.

This coffee is composed of beans from Ethiopia, more precisely from the town of Looko, the smallest administrative subdivision in Ethiopia, in the region of Oromia. 

Sooko Coffee (the producers and exporters) work in 3 different woredas (districts) and focus primarily on small groups of farmers teaching them good agricultural practices and stricter picking practices. Sooko Coffee let the cherries dry for about 25 days and make sure they are moved and turned at least 6 times a day to assure a more uniform drying process. All this work can definitely be tasted in the cup, from tropical fruits to blueberries with a silk smooth sweet finale.


Varieties: Gibirinna 74110 and Serto

Country of Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Looko

Recommended use:  Filtered Coffee, V60, Aeropress, Pour Over

Processed: Natural

Altitude: 2170m

Notes: Blueberries, Sugar Pie, Tropical Fruits

Varieties: Gibirinna 74110 and Serto
Country of Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Looko
Recommended use: Filtered Coffee, V60, Aeropress, Pour Over
Processed: Natural
Altitude: 2170m
Notes: Blueberries, Sugar Pie, Tropical Fruits

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