Chamois Cream

Chamois Cream

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Made in Canada from hemp oil, Deux Roues Chamois Cream relieves irritation caused by excess friction, in addition to keeping the skin healthy and well hydrated.

- Formulated with Canadian Hemp Seed Oil.
- Creates a lasting barrier between your skin and cycling shorts, preventing chafing.
- Increases comfort / reduces saddle sores.
- Made in Canada.
- 238 mL (8oz)

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Deux Roues Chamois Cream was created to enhance comfort for all cyclists. Using incredible ingredients like Canadian Hemp Seed Oil, they formulated the perfect Chamois Cream for your long days in the saddle. Our Chamois Cream forms a protective barrier over your skin. They believe improved comfort on the bike will lead you to perform at your best. Don't let saddle sores and chafing stop you.