Stratos Sunglasses - Black VZUM™ F-LENS RKT
Stratos Sunglasses - Black VZUM™ F-LENS RKT

Stratos Sunglasses - Black VZUM™ F-LENS RKT

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The STRATOS glasses.
Every victory starts from a vision.
Simply stratospheric.

Photochromatic lens. Guarantees excellent visibility and protection, both in poor and intense light conditions. Mirror coating.
Grey tint.
CAT 1÷3

The vertical slot at the centre of the lens allows optimal ventilation of the upper internal space, helping to eliminate condensation and fogging.

Each rod is fixed to the lens by way of a simple locking system. This allows the wearer to easily change the lens without the assistance of a specialist optician.

To ensure a custom fit, the telescopic temple tip pole adjusts to 4 different positions. Thanks to the stroke limit, the pole remains firmly fixed at all times.

Frame Dimensions
A – 142 / B – 32 / C – 60 / D – 115/125
(size in mm)

Frame: Tr90
Frame weight: 10 gr
Lens weight: 14 gr
Asian fit available
VZUM™ Lens

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