Solo Sunglasses - Black VZUM™ ML KING

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From the sunrise till sunset,
the road looks infinite and the breath chews dust.
This is the way, ride SOLO.

The vertical vent at the centre of the frame and the horizontal slot at the top of the lens allows optimal ventilation of the upper internal space, helping to eliminate the fogging.

The detachable side flaps can be easily mounted to the internal frame, providing eye protection when riding in conditions with a lot of light and dust.

Ensuring a custom fit, the telescopic temple tip pole adjusts to 4 different positions. Thanks to the stroke limit design, the pole remains firmly fixed at all times.

Frame Dimensions
A – 144 / B – 28 / C – 59 / D – 120/122
(size in mm)

Frame: Tr90
Weight with flap: 38 gr
Weight no flap: 32 gr
Asian fit available

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