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Country of Origin: Agaro, Ehtiopia

Recommended use:  Filter & Aeropress

Process: Washed

Notes: honeydew melon, marigold, satsuma orange

Traffic has had nothing but great coffees from Ethiopia, thanks in part to our partners, but most of all, because the people in Ethiopia growing coffee understand the plant, the soil, & everything that goes into processing an incredible coffee, so much more than we do. 

Nano Genji, which officially opened in 2018, is the “little sister” if you will, of Nano Challa. After reflecting and drinking Nano Challa over the years, it seemed like the only right thing to do, was to throw all our support into this new project & stay put for years to come. After all, it was a pretty safe bet considering how good Nano Challa is. 

Washed Ethiopians, especially really fresh ones, are wild when they’re being roasted. Not going to lie, it’s a tough thing to nail these batches week to week, but anything that’s sub-par, we would never put out for you to enjoy. There are many people who’ve cupped this coffee & have had similar reactions and tasting notes, however, ours were a little different, as usual. As with all of those suggestive flavours...they are just that...a suggested interpretation of that particular coffee, with that particular water, & a few other factors. Whatever YOU taste, is really a unique, personal experience.

We stalled the launch of this coffee for good reason. When the events of the past couple of weeks unfolded, events that should have never happened but have occurred for longer than we would like to admit, the last thing we wanted to do was to distract from all the voices that needed to be heard. In keeping with that spirit, Traffic will be donating a portion of profits for every bag of Nano Genji sold on our website, to Fabrice Vil's "POUR 3 POINTS" which supports, encourages, & teaches underpriveledged youth about being part of a team, being active on the court and their community. 

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