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Look to the tarmac on one of our Morning Rides and you’ll see a common theme: FINGERSCROSSED.

The German sock brand has been a huge hit since its introduction to the Le Club Store last year, becoming a favourite amongst staff and the cycling community. With the new collection just landing, we were interested to know a little bit more about the brand and why their socks are so popular. 



Patrick began cycling at the age of 18 whilst working at a bike store before studying.

‘’I gave Susanne a road bike some 8 years ago and this is how Susanne started, getting addicted to the sport like me. ‘

 Despite the global success, Patrick and Susanne never planned to start a brand initially, but there was a clear gap in the market. 

 ‘’There just weren't many socks out there that we wanted to wear, so we went away and designed our very first ‘Hell Yeah’ model. As soon as we received our first order online we didn’t want to do anything other than FINGERSCROSSED. That was 4 years ago!’’ 


We love to champion FINGERSCROSSED, but we’re not the only ones…

Since its inception the brand has gained global recognition, from North America, Australia, Asia and all over Europe. 

‘’This is how social media, especially instagram helped a lot. From the beginning we built FINGERSCROSSED totally international and pretty much with no marketing budget. It wouldn’t have been possible some 10 years ago. ‘’

Looks aren't everything, for Patrick and Susanne they wanted more than just cool designs.

‘’I think the most important is durability! If our customers spend some $28 then we want to make sure they ride the socks for a long time, maintaining a good balance between compression and comfort. 

 And of course it is the style which makes a favourite sock - we all have our chosen cycling apparel brands and with a great pair of socks you can get a bit more individuality to your look.’’

 So comes the question, which style matches best with our 2020 Le Club Kit? 

''The 2020 Le Club Team Kit looks nice with its beautiful red jersey. It has a very clean and classic approach. I think less is more in this case and the Classic Navy does fit perfect!''


New for this fall is the AW20 collection. Featuring new designs and materials, an OFF-ROAD Model alongside modern classics. A MERINO model for colder conditions.



'' My favorite pair of socks in the new collection is our new project Off Road. We sticked our heads together with a very active producer to develop the perfect gravel/cx socks with some great features - we are super proud of these! ''     



Shop the latest FINGERSCROSSED Collection here.